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Thursday, December 27, 1860.+-

Springfield, IL.

"That popular mania—the collection of autographs of distinguished men," "Herald" correspondent writes, "—has proved of late a source of considerable annoyance to Mr. Lincoln also, and hardly a mail reaches here without bringing him numerous requests." N.Y. Herald, 5 January 1861.

Lincoln begins daily morning sittings for Thomas D. Jones, Cincinnati sculptor, at improvised studio at St. Nicholas Hotel. This hour enables Lincoln to escape visitors, relax, and think. Among the matters on his mind is struggle for and against Cameron. Lincoln writes memorandum of charges that Cameron bought his election to Senate in 1857, listing witnesses for and against him. He concludes that weight of evidence is for Cameron. Thomas D. Jones, Memories of Lincoln (New York: Press of the Pioneers, 1934), 5-8; Memorandum on the Charges against Simon Cameron, [c. 31 December 1860], CW, 4:165-67.