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Thursday, June 23, 1859.+-

Springfield, IL.

In Ryland & Hatch v. Linder & Tremble, continued from June 13, 1859, court finds for plaintiffs in sum of $919.72. Record.

Lincoln writes to Nathan Sargent, of Washington, D.C., in response to Sargent's request for Lincoln's opinion regarding slavery and the Republican Party's platform. Lincoln writes, "Your platform proposes to allow the spread, and nationalization of slavery to proceed without let or hindrance, save only that it shall not receive supplies directly from Africa. Surely you do not seriously believe the Republicans can come to any such terms. . . . If the [Democrats] shall be beaten in 1860, it has to be done by the North; no human invention can deprive them of the South." Abraham Lincoln to Nathan Sargent, 23 June 1859, CW, 3:387-88.