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Saturday, January 29, 1859.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes Trumbull. After complimenting him on speech he makes request. "When you can find leisure, write me your present impressions of Douglas' movements. Our friends here from different parts of the State, in and out of the Legislature, are united, resolute, and determined; and I think it is almost certain that we shall be far better organized for 1860 than ever before." Another speech has arrived, delivered by Israel Washburn, Maine congressman, sent by his brother, Elihu Washburne, Illinois congressman. Lincoln writes to sender, praising speech. Abraham Lincoln to Lyman Trumbull, 29 January 1859, CW, 3:351; Abraham Lincoln to Elihu B. Washburne, 29 January 1859, CW, 3:351-52.