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Wednesday, July 7, 1858.+-

Springfield, IL.

Emmitt v. Barret is submitted to court on Lincoln's demurrer, and court considers. Record.

Lincoln writes to influential U.S. Senator John J. Crittenden, of Kentucky, regarding Crittenden's supposed support of Lincoln's opponent in the U.S. Senate race, Stephen A. Douglas. Lincoln writes, "I do not believe the story, but still it gives me some uneasiness. . . . You have no warmer friends than here in Illinois . . . When I tell you this, make such allowance as you think just for my position, which, I doubt not, you understand. Nor am I fishing for a letter on the other side. Even if such could be had, my judgment is that you would better be hands off! Please drop me a line; and if your purposes are as I hope they are not, please let me know. The confirmation would pain me much, but I should still continue your friend and admirer." Abraham Lincoln to John J. Crittenden, 7 July 1858, CW, 2:483-84.