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Monday, April 12, 1858.+-

Urbana, IL.

Lincoln endorses a petition addressed to Illinois Governor William H. Bissell regarding David Thompson. In 1856, a Woodford County Circuit Court jury found Thompson guilty of manslaughter and sentenced him to the Alton Penitentiary for eight years. Lincoln writes, "I was appointed by the court to defend . . . Thompson. I thought at the time his conviction was wrong, and I am now clearly of opinion he ought to be pardoned. I have recently been at Woodford; and the universal sentiment there seems to be in favor of his pardon." Indictment, filed 25 September 1855, People v. Thompson; Jury Verdict, April 1856 Term, People v. Thompson, both in case file, Woodford County Circuit Court, Woodford County Courthouse, Eureka, IL; Endorsement: Petition to William H. Bissell for Pardon of David Thompson, 12 April 1858, CW, 2:442-43.