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Sunday, April 11, 1858.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes to fellow Republican and attorney Jackson Grimshaw, of Quincy, Illinois. Lincoln encloses a document from a court case in which the two men are involved. Grimshaw had written to Lincoln about the case and also about the status of Kansas's Lecompton constitution. Grimshaw wrote, "We have a rumour here per telegraph that Lecompton is defeated in the [U.S.] house. He explained that the "Republicans of [Illinois's] 5 District" recently met and composed "resolutions." Grimshaw added, "We are not content merely with the defeat of Lecompton, we are opposed to the extension of slavery & believe [Stephen A.] Douglass & the leaders of the Illinois Democracy are responsible for offering the south the opportunity of carrying slavery into Kansas." Lincoln replies, "I have not seen the political resolutions you refer to; but, I doubt not, our friends every where, act in the right spirit, and with the best judgment. We probably shall have a State convention early in summer, when, by mutual consultation, we can secure uniformity of action, if, indeed, any such uniformity be lacking before." Jackson Grimshaw to Abraham Lincoln, 3 April 1858, SC 606, Manuscripts, IHi, Springfield, IL; Abraham Lincoln to Jackson Grimshaw, 11 April 1858, Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, DE.