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Friday, April 2, 1858.+-

Metamora, IL.

In the Woodford County Circuit Court, Lincoln and Simon P. Shope represent plaintiff Joseph Forney in the case of Forney v. L. C. Blakslee & Co., and in a second case with the same title of Forney v. L.C. Blakslee & Co. In each case, Forney is suing the defendant for an unpaid promissory note. Forney seeks $270 in damages in one case, and he seeks $370 in damages in the other case. In both cases, Judge James Harriott overrules the defendant's demurrer to the plaintiff's declaration, and Judge Harriott orders the cases continued. Pleas, Joinder, March 1858 Term, Forney v. L.C. Blakslee & Co.; Declaration, filed 12 March 1858, Forney v. L.C. Blakslee & Co., both in Woodford County Circuit Court, Illinois State Archives, Springfield, IL; Order, 2 April 1858, Forney v. L.C. Blakslee & Co., Common Law Record B, 216, Woodford County Circuit Court, Woodford County Courthouse, Eureka, IL.