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Thursday, June 3, 1852.+-

Decatur, IL.

In the Macon County Circuit Court, the court continues the ejectment case of Warnick v. Eckel, in which Lincoln represents plaintiff William Warnick. Lincoln and Joel Seth Post represent plaintiff John A. Scott in the case of Scott v. Hull. Scott is suing James H. Hull whom Scott claims came onto his property and tore down and removed his fencing. Scott seeks $500 in damages. Hull's attorneys file a plea in court in which Hull refutes Scott's accusations. Order, 3 June 1852, Warnick v. Eckel, Circuit Court Record C, 101, Macon County Circuit Court, Macon County Courthouse, Decatur, IL; Declaration, filed 12 May 1852, Scott v. Hull, case file A1082; Plea, 3 June 1852, Scott v. Hull, case file A1082, both in Macon County Circuit Court, Illinois Regional Archives Depository, University of Illinois at Springfield.