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Friday, May 21, 1852.+-

Paris, IL.

In the Edgar County Circuit Court, Lincoln and Milton M. Dill represent defendant John A. Metcalf in the assumpsit suit of Alexander v. Metcalf. The court rules in favor of the plaintiff and orders Metcalf to pay $41.83 and the court costs. Lincoln and Dill represent plaintiff Sally Whitley in the chancery case of Whitley v. Alexander et al. James Steele and Charles Emerson, attorneys for the defendants, file a replication to Whitley's bill of complaint, and the court continues the case. Lincoln defends William Maxwell in the appeal case of Cassady v. Maxwell. The jury decides in favor of plaintiff James M. Cassady, but awards him only $13.50, a reduction from the $40 awarded by the lower court. In the chancery case of Diblee, Richardson & Company v. Tenbrook et al., Lincoln, one of the plaintiffs' attorneys, writes an answer for two of the defendants: Mary Chestnut and James W. Ross. Lincoln also writes the decree in which the court orders that the case "be set down and stand for hearing at the next term of this court"; Lincoln files the decree with the court.Order, 21 May 1852, Alexander v. Metcalf, Order Book 3, 308; Decree, 21 May 1852, Whitley v. Alexander et al., Order Book 3, 309; Order, 21 May 1852, Cassady v. Maxwell, Order Book 3, 306, all in Edgar County Circuit Court, Edgar County Courthouse, Paris, IL; Answers of Mary Chestnut and James W. Ross, 22 May 1852, Diblee, Richardson & Company v. Tenbrook et al.; Decree, 21 May 1852 Diblee, Richardson & Company v. Tenbrook et al., both in Lincoln Collection, University of Chicago Library, Department of Special Collections, Chicago, IL.