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Monday, May 17, 1852.+-

Paris, IL.

In the Edgar County Circuit Court, Lincoln appears in court on behalf of his client William C. McReynolds in the case of Munsell v. McReynolds, a suit to settle a partnership. Along with Leander Munsell's attorney, Kirby Benedict, Lincoln files an agreement which dismisses the case and obliges McReynolds to pay the court costs. In the case of Noblitt v. Duck, a suit involving a broken contract, Lincoln and Kirby Benedict represent defendant John Duck. Judge David Davis orders Lincoln and Benedict to file their plea by Wednesday, May 19. Judgment, 17 May 1852, Munsell v. McReynolds, Order Book 3, 291; Declaration, 7 May 1852, Noblitt v. Duck, case file, box 25; Order, 17 May 1852, Noblitt v. Duck, Order Book 3, 289, all in Edgar County Circuit Court, Edgar County Courthouse, Paris, IL.