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Monday, April 26, 1852-Wednesday, April 28, 1852.+-

Monday, April 26, 1852-Wednesday, April 28, 1852.

In the Logan County Circuit Court, Lincoln commences a suit against Jesse D. Blackledge for plaintiff James Kelly in the debt case of Kelly v. Blackledge. Kelly had won a judgment in Ohio against Blackledge, but Blackledge moved to Logan County before paying. Lincoln files a complaint and a certified copy of the Ohio judgment and makes arrangements in the circuit clerk's office for the county sheriff to serve a summons on Blackledge ordering him to appear at the fall term of court. In another debt case, Hays v. Turley, Lincoln sues George W. Turley on behalf of Lewis M. Hays, the administrator of the estate of Thomas P. Taylor. Hays, an Indiana resident, sent Lincoln a claim for $100 that Turley had owed Taylor since 1836. Lincoln commenced a suit in the Logan County Circuit Court against Turley in April 1851. One or both sides requested a continuance during the October 1851 term and again during this April 1852 term.Anson L. Brewer to Abraham Lincoln, 17 November 1852, Kelly v. Blackledge, Abraham Lincoln Collection, John Hay Library, Brown University, Providence, RI; Abraham Lincoln to Anson L. Brewer, 16 March 1855, Kelly v. Blackledge, Private Collection; Receipt, 7 September 1850, Hays v. Turley, Private Collection; Abraham Lincoln to Lewis M. Hays (copy), 27 October 1852, Hays v. Turley, copy files, Henry Horner Lincoln Collection, IHi, Springfield, IL .