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Saturday, April 24, 1852.+-

Bloomington, IL.

In the McLean County Circuit Court, Lincoln and fellow attorney Kersey H. Fell ask the court for time to amend a declaration they previously filed in the case of Stern & Friedman v. Sawyer. Lincoln and Fell represent plaintiffs Samuel Stern and Isaac S. Friedman in the attachment suit. The court grants the plaintiffs' request and continues the case until the next term. Lincoln represents the plaintiffs in the chancery case of Gibbs and Rogers v. Eckles. The court orders Gibbs and Rogers, the executors of William Gibbs's estate, to convey a land deed to defendant Jacob P. Eckles. The court also orders the plaintiffs to pay the court costs. Order, 24 April 1852, Stern & Friedman v. Sawyer, Common Law Record 4, 289; Decree, 24 April 1852, Gibbs and Rogers v. Eckles, Chancery Record 5, 124-25; Judgment and Execution Docket, 2 October 1852, Gibbs and Rogers v. Eckles, Judgment & Execution Docket 3, 120-21, all in McLean County Circuit Court, McLean County Courthouse, Bloomington, IL.

[In Springfield, delegates attending the Sangamon County Whig convention nominate James C. Conkling to run for a seat in the state legislature made available by the resignation of Ninian W. Edwards. Illinois Daily Journal (Springfield), 27 April 1852, 2:1.

Someone, perhaps Mary Lincoln, buys wallpaper and "6 pieces [of] border" for a total of $18.30 from John Williams and Company in Springfield and charges the purchases to Lincoln's account. Harry E. Pratt, The Personal Finances of Abraham Lincoln (Springfield, IL: Abraham Lincoln Association, 1943), 145.