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Tuesday, November 4, 1851.+-

Shelbyville, IL.

Lincoln writes to his stepbrother about his proposed removal to Missouri: "What can you do in Missouri, better than here? . . . Your thousand pretences for not getting along better, are all non-sense—they deceive no body but yourself. Go to work is the only cure for your case." At all events Lincoln intends to protect his mother's interest in Coles County land. Abraham Lincoln to John D. Johnston, 4 November 1851, CW, 2:111-12.

[In Lincoln's long absence on circuit, his banker pays his bills. Robert Irwin debits Lincoln's account $250 for bills payable. Irwin credits Lincoln with $35.30 interest, deposits $9.57 cash received from some Lincoln debtor, and gives Mrs. Lincoln $5 cash. Irwin Journal & Ledger.]