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Wednesday, June 5, 1850.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes a letter to the editors of Springfield's Illinois Journal newspaper in reaction to an item that appeared in Pekin's Tazewell Mirror newspaper. He writes, "I neither seek, expect, or desire a nomination for a seat in the next Congress . . . I prefer my name should not be brought forward in that connection . . . [I]n my opinion, the whigs of the district have several other men, any one of whom they can elect, and that too quite as easily as they could elect me. I therefore shall be obliged, if any such as may entertain a preference for me, will, at once turn their attention to making a choice from others." Abraham Lincoln to the Editors of the Illinois Journal, 5 June 1850, CW, 2:79; Illinois Daily Journal (Springfield), 7 June 1850, 2:1.

Lincoln buys 75ยข worth of merchandise. Irwin Ledger.