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Wednesday, May 15, 1850.+-

Paris, IL.

In the retrial of the Edgar County Circuit Court case of Albin v. Bodine, Lincoln and Usher F. Linder are defending Thomas Bodine. Bodine claimed that plaintiff George W. Albin was "a damned little horsethief." Albin is suing Bodine for slander and he seeks $3,000, in damages. The jury in the first trial found Bodine not guilty, and on this day, once again, a jury finds Bodine not guilty. Narratio, filed 12 November 1848, Albin v. Bodine; Jury Verdict, May 1849 Term, Albin v. Bodine; Motion for New Trial, filed 19 May 1849, Albin v. Bodine, all in Edgar County Circuit Court, Department of Special Collections, University of Chicago Library, Chicago, IL; Order, 15 May 1850, Albin v. Bodine, Order Book 3, 100, Edgar County Circuit Court, Edgar County Courthouse, Paris, IL.

Lincoln writes and files pleas in Joseph Matkin v. Jacob and Joseph Brown, and writes Brown's answer. Photocopy.