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Thursday, March 29, 1849.+-

Carrollton, IL.

En route to Springfield, upon completing a term in Congress, Lincoln writes from Carrollton to Secretary of the Navy William B. Preston on behalf of two friends. Lincoln recommends John Dickey, with whom he and Preston had served in the House. Lincoln explains, "While at Pittsburg on my way home, Col. Dickey...overtook me. I knew he desired some appointment; and I volunteered to ask him how I could serve him." Lincoln emphasizes Dickey's "excellent business capacity, and habits." Lincoln adds, "I hope he may succeed in what he desires." Lincoln also asks Preston's assistance regarding Dr. Anson G. Henry, of Springfield. Henry wishes to be appointed Register of the Land Office at Minnesota. Lincoln explains that he has already mentioned Henry's name to Secretary of the Interior Thomas Ewing, who is responsible for making the land office appointments. In fact, Lincoln "urged the appointment upon [Ewing] so pressingly, that I believe he will gratify me when he comes to fill the office, ifhedoesnotfor-getmyanxietyaboutit. Lincoln asks "if you will, at some convenient moment, tell [Ewing] to remember Lincoln's man for Register." Abraham Lincoln to William B. Preston, 29 March 1849, Record Group 48: Records of the Department of the Interior, 1826-1985, Entry 15: Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, 1833-1964, Divisional Records, 1843-1943, Records of the Appointments Division, 1817-1922, Field Office Appointment Papers, National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD.