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Monday, February 12, 1849.+-

Washington, DC.

Lincoln votes to make bill relating to Department of Interior special order of day for February 16, 1849. It fails. Questions recurs of referring bill to Committee of Whole. This also fails, Lincoln voting nay. On question of ordering bill engrossed for third reading, Lincoln votes aye, and motion passes 111-76. Globe.

Lincoln receives draft for $105 on Corcoran & Riggs, Washington bankers, evidently legal fee. CSmH—Original.

Lincoln writes to David Davis, of Bloomington, Illinois, regarding the numerous individuals who seek patronage positions, specifically that of the Commissioner of the General Land Office. Lincoln writes, "Out of more than . . . three hundred letters received this session, yours is the second one manifesting the least interest for me personally. I do not much doubt that I could take the Land office if I would. It also would make me more money than I can otherwise make. Still, when I remember that taking the office would be a final surrender of the law, and that every man in the state, who wants it himself, would be snarling at me about it, I shrink from it." Abraham Lincoln to David Davis, 12 February 1849, CW, 10:14; Thomas F. Schwartz, "'An Egregious Political Blunder' : Justin Butterfield, Lincoln, and Illinois Whiggery," Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association 8 (1986): 9-19.

Lincoln's Springfield bank account is debited $27 for payment to Bela C. Webster. Irwin Journal.