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Wednesday, July 13, 1842.+-

Springfield, IL.

Grable v. Margrave is argued before Supreme Court by Shields and Conkling for plaintiff and Lincoln for defendant. Lincoln appears for appellant in Cushman v. Dement. No counsel appearing for appellee, case is continued. Mason v. Park is argued by Edwards for plaintiff and Lincoln for defendant. Record.

Lincoln does paper work in Circuit Court cases, writing and filing affidavit and praecipe in Dormody v. Cavanaugh, Sangamon County. He writes application for injunction for Macon County case, Crissey v. Brooks, filed October 12, 1842.Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Photocopy.

Evening Whig meeting organizes "Clay Club," aim of which, says opposition "Register," is "to drive the independent Whigs in this county into the support of the humbug nominees. Messengers are to be sent into all the precincts to whip the Farmers into their ranks. Logan, Lincoln, and Baker denounced the cry of no party . . . as hypocritical."Register, 13 July 1842, 15 July 1842.