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Tuesday, June 14, 1842.+-

Petersburg, IL.

In the Menard County Circuit Court, Lincoln represents John Allen in the case of Allen v. Hill. After hearing the testimony and the attorneys' arguments, the jury finds Hill guilty of assault and battery and assesses $20 in damages plus the court costs. In Plummer & Wilson v. Hoey & Hoey, Lincoln represents plaintiffs John G. Wilson and William F. Plummer. The parties agree to ask the court to dismiss the case. Judge Treat dismisses the case and orders the Hoeys to pay the court costs. The court dismisses the appeal case of Cleaveland v. Meadows and orders Lincoln's client James Meadows to pay the court costs. The jury finds in favor of Isaac Cogdal, Lincoln's client, in the appeal case of Barnett v. Cogdal. The court orders appellee Clardy Barnett to pay the court costs. Judgment, 14 June 1842, Allen v. Hill, General Record A, 121; Judgment, 14 June 1842, Plummer & Wilson v. Hoey & Hoey, Record A, 118; Judgment, 14 June 1842, Cleaveland v. Meadows, General Record A, 119; Judgment, 14 June 1842, Barnett v. Cogdal, General Record A, 119, all in Menard County Circuit Court, Menard County Courthouse, Petersburg, IL.