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Monday, June 6, 1842.+-

Taylorville, IL.

Judge Samuel H. Treat opens the three-day session of the Christian County Circuit Court with thirty-four cases on the docket; Lincoln participates in nine cases, all on June 6. Lincoln appears in court with his client Catharine Babbit for an appeal of her case, People v. Babbit. The state's attorney's failure to appear in court prompts Judge Treat to dismiss the suit against Babbit. In Baker v. Addington et al., a suit dealing with a disputed land deed, Lincoln writes a report for commissioner Horatio M. Vandeveer, whom the court instructed to convey a deed to Lincoln's client James Baker. Lincoln appears in court and files a bill of interpleader for John Grigg in the case of Masterson v. Northcutt et al. In Loudy v. Cagle and Richardson, Lincoln represents plaintiff Jacob Loudy, who seeks the return of his carpenter's tools from the defendants. At Lincoln's request, Judge Treat approves a continuance. Judge's Docket Entries, June Term 1842, Docket Book 1; Judgment, 6 June 1842, People v. Babbit, General Record 1, 56, both in Christian County Circuit Court, Christian County Courthouse, Taylorville, IL; Commissioner's Report, filed 6 June 1842, Baker v. Addington et al., Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Bill of Interpleader, filed 6 June 1842, Masterson v. Northcutt et al., Brown University, John Hay Library, Providence, RI; Order, 6 June 1842, Loudy v. Cagle and Richardson, General Record 1, 57, Christian County Circuit Court, Christian County Courthouse.

[Logan, for the firm of Logan & Lincoln, represents bankruptcy petitioners in ten cases scheduled for a hearing in the U. S. District Court. Sangamo Journal (Springfield, IL), 25 March 1842, 3:2; 1 April 1842, 4:5; 15 April 1842, 3:3; 29 April 1842, 3:4; 6 May 1842, 1:5; 13 May 1842, 3:5, 3:7, 4:4; 20 May 1842, 1:4.]