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Tuesday, May 24, 1842.+-

Charleston, IL.

In the Coles County Circuit Court, Lincoln represents defendant William Goodman in Ewing v. Goodman, an assault and battery suit. The parties reach an agreement, and the court dismisses the case and orders Goodman to pay the court costs. Lincoln files a plea for his clients Byrd Monroe and John M. Eastin in the debt case of Pearson & Anderson v. Monroe & Eastin. In People v. Patterson, Lincoln requests a continuance and files an affidavit for his client Allen Patterson indicted for assault with intent to murder. The court grants a continuance until the next term. Order, 24 May 1842, Ewing v. Goodman, Court Record 1, 414, Coles County Circuit Court, Coles County Courthouse; Plea, filed 24 May 1842, Pearson & Anderson v. Monroe & Eastin, Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Affidavit, 24 May 1842, People v. Patterson, Coles County Circuit Court, Illinois State Archives, Springfield, IL; Order, 24 May 1842, People v. Patterson, Court Record 1, 409, Coles County Circuit Court, Coles County Courthouse, Charleston, IL.