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Friday, May 20, 1842.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln attends court to watch the proceedings in the case of Frazier and Frazier v. Payne and Alexander. In the debt case of Fithian v. Walker, Lincoln represents plaintiff William Fithian. Lincoln and defendant Isaac P. Walker reach an agreement and file it with the court. The agreement requires Walker to pay Fithian $100 and the court costs but allows Walker six months to pay the remainder of his debt to Fithian. Neither Lincoln nor his client Ambrose D. Vanmeter appear when the court calls the case of Cast v. Vanmeter. The court rules in favor of the plaintiff and orders Vanmeter to pay the debt of $804, the court costs, and $87.10 in damages. H. W. Beckwith, History of Vermilion County (Chicago: H. H. Hill, 1879; reprint, Evansville, IN: Unigraphic, 1975), 614-15; Judgment, 20 May 1842, Fithian v. Walker, Circuit Court Record B, 355-56; Order, 20 May 1842, Cast v. Vanmeter, Circuit Court Record B, 357, both in Vermilion County Circuit Court, Vermilion County Courthouse, Danville, IL.