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Friday, May 13, 1842.+-

Paris, IL.

Lincoln participates in one case in the Edgar County Circuit Court. Along with Garland B. Shelledy, Justin Harlan, and Usher F. Linder, Lincoln represents plaintiff John W. Barber in the debt case of People for use of Barber v. Stanfield et al. John Pearson, Josiah McRoberts, and Augustus C. French represent the defendants. Lincoln makes the closing argument for Barber before the jury retires to deliberate. Order, 13 May 1842, People for use of Barber v. Stanfield et al., Order Book 2, 191, Edgar County Circuit Court, Edgar County Courthouse, Paris, IL.

[A newspaper article reports that The Springfield Washington Temperance Society, to which Lincoln belongs, has 700 members. Sangamo Journal (Springfield, IL), 13 May 1842, 1:6; Illinois State Register (Springfield), 11 March 1842, 2:6.]