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Tuesday, April 5, 1842.+-

Springfield, IL.

Logan & Lincoln participate in four cases in the Sangamon County Circuit Court. The jury in the Thurman v. Taylor case rules against Logan & Lincoln's client, Charles Thurman, and the court orders Thurman to pay all the costs of the suit. The court grants a divorce to Logan & Lincoln's client, Ann McDaniel, in the case of McDaniel v. McDaniel. In addition, the court awards custody of the couple's three daughters to Ann McDaniel. Logan & Lincoln had established that defendant Patrick McDaniel had taken his wife's "earnings, and spent it in reveling and drunkenness." Logan & Lincoln represent defendant Leroy L. Hill in Trailor v. Hill ; Lincoln writes and files an answer in the case. In the case of Henry v. Whitwell & Whitwell, Logan & Lincoln file a petition for their client, plaintiff Anson G. Henry. They represent Edmund G. Johns in the U.S. District Court in his bankruptcy case, In re Johns. Judgment, 5 April 1842, Thurman v. Taylor, Record G, 346; Judgment, 5 April 1842, McDaniel v. McDaniel, Record G, 347, both in Sangamon County Circuit Court, Illinois Regional Archives Depository, University of Illinois at Springfield; Bill for Divorce, 5 January 1842, McDaniel v. McDaniel, copy files, Henry Horner Lincoln Collection, IHi; Answer, 5 April 1842, Trailor v. Hill, Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Petition to Sell Real Estate, filed 5 April 1842, Henry v. Whitwell & Whitwell, Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Order, 5 April 1842, In re Johns, in General Bankruptcy 2, 563, U. S. District Court of Illinois, RG 21, National Archives, Great Lakes Region, Chicago, IL; Sangamo Journal (Springfield, IL), 8 April 1842, 3:3.