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Tuesday, March 29, 1842.+-

Springfield, IL.

Logan & Lincoln participate in fifteen cases in the Sangamon County Circuit Court. In Whitmore v. Clark, they obtain a judgment of $630.84 for their client, Hamlin Whitmore. In Ray v. Polk & Kendall, Logan & Lincoln represent Thomas Ray, and in Pickrell v. McNeil, they represent Abel Pickrell. The court dismisses the cases and orders the defendant in each case to pay the court costs. The court sets a hearing for Monday in the slander case of Thurman v. Taylor; Logan & Lincoln appear for plaintiff Charles Thurman. The defendants file pleas in Allen v. Ash and Campbell; Logan & Lincoln represent Robert Allen. Logan & Lincoln represent Thomas W. Sparks in Sparks v. Bird & Bird, an ejectment suit, and the court orders the defendants to plea within twenty days. The court sets a hearing for a later date in the case of Jones v. Maxey. Logan & Lincoln's client Strother G. Jones seeks the return of horses, harnesses, and a wagon. Judgment, 29 March 1842, Whitmore v. Clark, Record G, 300; Judgment, 29 March 1842, Ray v. Polk & Kendall, Record G, 301; Order, 29 March 1842, Pickrell v. McNeil, Record G, 301; Order, 29 March 1842, Thurman v. Taylor, Record G, 297; Order, 29 March 1842, Allen v. Ash and Campbell, Record G, 294; Order, 29 March 1842, Sparks v. Bird & Bird, Record G, 297; Order, 29 March 1842, Jones v. Maxey, Record G, 295, all in Sangamon County Circuit Court, Illinois Regional Archives Depository, University of Illinois at Springfield.