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Tuesday, February 15, 1842.+-

New Salem, IL.

Bowling Green's funeral is probably held today. Lincoln attends, and at Mrs. Green's request, tries to say something at grave. Accounts of what he says are conflicting, some stating that his remarks are beautiful, others saying he is choked with emotion. Sangamo Journal, 18 February 1842.

Lincoln deposits $27.50 cash into his account with a Springfield merchant. Account (copy), 15 February 1842, Irwin & Corneau Account Book, 252, microfilm, IHi, Springfield, IL.

[Joshua F. Speed and Fanny Henning are married near Louisville. Joshua F. Speed, Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln and Notes of a Visit to California: Two Lectures (Louisville, KY: J. P. Morton, 1884), 5.]