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Saturday, November 23, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln has 11 cases called, in five of which he gets judgment. He writes and signs, for William D. Herndon, defendant, pleas in Glasgow, Shaw, & Tatum v. Herndon. He writes court order in West v. Stevens & Stevens. John Calhoun for Democrats, and E. D. Baker for Whigs, continue debate. A. P. Field declares he has always opposed internal improvement system. Lincoln's failure to comment on this statement annoys "Register." Record; Photocopy; Register, 30 November 1839.

Nor does Register (November 23, 1839) care for Lincoln's public remarks on its criticism of Junto dictation. "He [Lincoln] asserted that he did not advise etc. the running of John Bennett for the Legislature, but was in favour of Bowling Green; and that the editors of the Register had lied in making such a statement. Mr. Lincoln said further that we hadno authority for making the statement; and that having no authority, even if we had published the truth, we were stillliars. Such was the language of the man selected by the Whig Party to be an elector of the high office of President of the United States."