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Saturday, April 28, 1832.+-

Beardstown, IL.

Capt. Lincoln's company is enrolled in state service by Col. John J. Hardin, inspector general and mustering officer.Stevens, Black Hawk War, 279.

Lincoln draws supplies—soap, candles, flints, 50-pound grid iron, 4 tin buckets, 7 coffee boilers, 7 tin pans, and 16 tin cups, as well as 1 keg powder, whiskey, corn, pork, flour, bread, salt, 3 blankets, 144 yards of domestic, and "1 Buck Tape."Quartermaster's Record, Black Hawk War Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield, IL.

From Cyrus Edwards, acting quartermaster general, he draws 30 muskets and bayonets. [When Lincoln returns these arms, three muskets and nine bayonets are missing.]IA—Governor's Correspondence, Military.