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Monday, April 23, 1832-Thursday, April 26, 1832.+-

Monday, April 23, 1832-Thursday, April 26, 1832.

Lincoln and other captains hold light drills. On 25th, Lincoln draws from Brigade Quartermaster William Thomas corn, pork, salt, one barrel of flour, and five and a half gallons of whiskey. Next day he draws fifty pounds of lead. Quartermaster's Record, Black Hawk War Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield, IL.

[Sangamo Journal, April 26, 1832, bursts into poetry:

Brave Sangamo hath arm'd
All to defend her right
Arouse ye bold Kentucky boys
The foremost in the fight
Away! away! away!

Two Sauk messengers sent by Gen. Atkinson return from Black Hawk's camp and report that Black Hawk and chiefs of band say they have "no bad intentions," but will not return to west side of Mississippi. IHi—Journal of Felix St. Vrain, 26 April 1832, Photocopy.]