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Sunday, April 22, 1832.+-

Beardstown, IL.

Lincoln's company goes into camp at Beardstown. In wrestling match with Lorenzo Dow Thompson, Lincoln is thrown in two straight falls. Match is to settle whether Lincoln's company or Capt. William Moore's company shall have camp ground. IHiā€”Trans., 1904, 433-34.

Gov. Reynolds writes to Gen. Henry Atkinson at Fort Armstrong that he expects to have "about 1,500 mounted men on the 25th or 26th inst." Spring of 1832 has been wet and little farm work has been done. Farmers who have volunteered expect to be home from campaign in few days to work fields. Horses are hard to get, and forage is scarce. Reynolds Letter Book, Black Hawk War Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield, IL.