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Monday, May 1, 1854.+-

Metamora, IL.

[Spring term of Tazewell Circuit Court opens at Pekin.]

Tuesday, May 2, 1854.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln files a plea for defendant Henry Hainline in the Tazewell County Circuit Court case of Keener v. Hainline. Hainline's dog attacked plaintiff Henry Keener and "did . . . greatly lacerate, hurt, and wound one of" Keener's legs. The injuries caused Keener to become "sick, sore, lame, and disordered." Keener is suing Hainline for $1,000 in damages. Hainline pleads "not guilty," and the court empanels a jury. The jury "fail[s] to render a Verdict." The court releases the jury and continues the case. Narratio, filed 16 August 1853, Keener v. Hainline, box 34, Tazewell County Circuit Court, Tazewell County Courthouse, Pekin, IL; Plea, filed 2 May 1854, Keener v. Hainline, Private Collection; Order, 2 May 1854, Keener v. Hainline, General Record F, 622, Tazewell County Circuit Court, Tazewell County Courthouse, Pekin, IL.

He also writes defendant's plea in Hall v. Woodrow. Photocopy.

Wednesday, May 3, 1854.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln and Parker are associated in two cases which come to trial. In first, Phillips v. Beal, ejectment suit, jury finds for plaintiff, their client, and assesses his damages at one cent. In second, Hall v. Woodrow, jury fails to agree and is discharged (see May 6, 1854). Lincoln wins another case when suit on alleged debt of $3,000, which he is defending, is dismissed. In several other cases he files pleas. Record; Files.

Thursday, May 4, 1854.+-

Pekin, IL.

Although he signs Bush and Gridley as defendants' counsel, Lincoln writes and files plea in Pearl & Pearl v. Graham et al. Plea alleges that trespass complained of was against common disorderly house in which "drunkenness, idleness, quarrelling, profane swearing, obscenity" and other offenses were permitted, and that in forcibly destroying liquors defendants did no more than was necessary or lawful. Record; Files.

In Brown et al. v. Ayers et ux., Lincoln writes defendant's affidavit and order of court. Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Friday, May 5, 1854.+-

Pekin, IL.

One of Lincoln's clients in riot case pleads guilty. Another, whom he is defending on charge of cheating and fraud, defaults, and writ of scire facias is issued. In third case, King v. John M. Gill & Co., jury hears evidence, and is discharged by agreement. Lincoln and Parker for defendant consent to judgment against their client in sum of $504.15 and costs. Record.

Lincoln writes defendant's separate answer in Brown et al. v. Ayers et ux.Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Saturday, May 6, 1854.+-

Pekin, IL.

Another defendant in Lincoln's riot case pleads guilty. Five plead not guilty. Jury is called, convicts two and acquits three (see May 9, 1854). Hall v. Woodrow, tried May 3, 1854, is removed to Peoria County on change of venue. In replevin suit in which Lincoln appears for one of two defendants, case is dismissed against his client. In two other cases motions are entered. Record.

Sunday, May 7, 1854.+-

Pekin, IL.

On quiet day in May, possibly Sunday, on which day Lincoln did much of his paper work on circuit, he writes and sends to Metamora list of questions in Jackson v. Whorrall, Woodford Circuit Court case in which he is for defense. Photocopy.

Monday, May 8, 1854.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln, for respondent, files answer of William B. Doolittle to partition petition of Benjamin S. Prettyman. On behalf of his client he asserts that estate of Ephraim L. Doolittle, which petitioner is administering, is indebted to respondent for from $300 to $500, and that lot he is seeking to sell is only means of payment. Files.

In People v. Donnell et al., riot, Lincoln writes demurrer filed for defense by their counsel, Jones, Lincoln, and Purple. Photocopy.

Tuesday, May 9, 1854.+-

Pekin, IL.

In riot case tried May 6, 1854 court fines each guilty defendant $9 and costs. Charges against two defendants are dismissed. In forgery case in which Lincoln is defending Benjamin Kellogg, People v. Kellogg, plaintiff is ruled to post $300 bond (see October 7, 1854). Three other cases in which Lincoln is counsel are continued. Record.

For plaintiff in Harriott & Gridley v. Tinney, he writes, signs, and files replication. Photocopy.

Wednesday, May 10, 1854.+-

Pekin, IL.

In Hamilton v. Haines et al., Lincoln, representing complainant, writes order of court setting aside decree previously rendered and allowing complainant to file amendment to his bill. Order is filed on same day (see October 12, 1854). In Dunham v. Bale & Bale, trover, he writes affidavit which Robert A. Dunham signs. Files.

He writes Simeon R. Crosby's affidavit in Shay for use of Crosby v. Somers & Somers. Photocopy.

Thursday, May 11, 1854.+-

Pekin, IL.

On application of plaintiff, change of venue to Woodford County is ordered in Pearl & Pearl v. Graham et al., in which Lincoln's plea was filed May 4, 1854. Lincoln has five other cases called, but all are continued. He writes decree in Hatch v. Preston & Wightman. Tazewell court adjourns. Record; Files; Photocopy.

Friday, May 12, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

Little is known about E. C. Burton, to whom Lincoln writes with a request to "Please call at our place tomorrow if convenient." Abraham Lincoln to E. C. Burton, 12 May 1854, CW 11:8.

Monday, May 15, 1854.+-

Clinton, IL.

DeWitt Circuit Court commences, with Lincoln in attendance. Among other cases occupying his attention are several against Illinois Central, in which he appears for railroad. On first day of term, motions are entered in three trespass suits. Record; Abraham Lincoln to Mason Brayman, 23 September 1854, CW, 2:233-34.

Tuesday, May 16, 1854.+-

Clinton, IL.

Lincoln appears in seven cases in which Illinois Central is defendant. Only one comes to trial. That is Cundiff et al. v. Illinois Central RR et al., trespass case in which jury finds for plaintiffs and assesses their damages at $98.18. He tells court that he and Moore are defense solicitors in Spencer v. Illinois Central RR. Lincoln and Moore act for defense in Cole v. Morrisson, Lincoln writing and filing pleas. In Richey v. Adams, for defense, Lincoln writes and files pleas and notice, and composes instructions for jury. Record; Photocopy.

Thursday, May 18, 1854.+-

Clinton, IL.

Lincoln and Stuart defend nine women from Marion, DeWitt County, charged with riot. Their offense consisted in destroying saloon keeper's stock on his refusal to close his place of business. More than a hundred women attend trial. Jury find defendants guilty, but judge lets them off with fine of $2 each. Register, 27 May 1854; Record.

Friday, May 19, 1854.+-

Clinton, IL.

Lincoln is again busy with Illinois Central litigation. Seven cases against railroad come before court. In four demurrers are argued, and trespass suit brought by William H. DeBoice is tried by jury. Verdict is for plaintiff, damages assessed at $45. Register, 27 May 1854; Record.

Lincoln writes, signs "Moore & Lincoln p.d.," and files pleas in Hill v. Illinois Central RR and Weaver v. Illinois Central RR et al.. In Rupert v. Meservey and McKinney he files power of attorney. Photocopy.

Saturday, May 20, 1854.+-

Clinton, IL.

Lincoln writes William Hutchins' answer in Hutchin et al. v. Hutchin & Hutchin, and part of court decree. Photocopy.

Monday, May 22, 1854.+-

Urbana, IL.

Champaign Circuit Court commences spring session. "In attendance was a very respectable number of legal gentlemen of this section of Illinois. We noticed Messrs. Lincoln and Campbell, of Springfield, Messrs. Swett, Scott and Gridley of Bloomington; and Messrs. Davis, Drake and Lamon of Danville." Urbana Union, 1 June 1854.

[House of Representatives passes Kansas-Nebraska bill.]

Wednesday, May 24, 1854.+-

Urbana, IL.

Lincoln writes order of court in Myers v. Brown, and petition of William Phillips in Porter et al. v. Busey et al., petition for partition. Photocopy; Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Court adjourns. "The amount of business discharged was larger than at any other term of recent date," Urbana Union comments 1 June 1854.

Thursday, May 25, 1854.+-

Urbana, IL.

Before leaving for Danville, Lincoln writes certificate of purchase made by Isaac Busey May 2, 1831, and collects, from Peter R. Leonard, note of $118.33 made out to Lincoln and Lamon. They assign note to Dashia Wyatt. Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Friday, May 26, 1854.+-

Danville, IL.

Of 11 cases in which Lincoln & Lamon have been retained, one comes to trial, Abdill v. Maxwell, assumpsit, in which court finds against defendant, their client, ordering that plaintiff have judgment for amount of note sued on, and interest. Record.

Lincoln drafts four promissory notes in favor of John Villars and mortgage to secure them, which Peter R. Leonard signs. Photocopy.

He writes four notes to Villars, which Leonard signs. He writes, signs, and files defendant's plea in Foster v. Prather. Photocopy.

Saturday, May 27, 1854.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln participates in two jury trials. In first, his client is found guilty of keeping disorderly house and fined $20. In second, jury returns verdict against defendant, whom Lincoln and Lamon represent, and assesses plaintiff's damages at $127.54. Record.

He writes, signs for "Lincoln & Lamon p.d.," and files plea for Joseph B. Lamon, defendant, in S. & G. W. Titus v. Lamon. Photocopy.

Lincoln and Swett examine Hiram Beckwith and George Lawrence for admission to bar and recommend they be licensed. Certificate of Examination for Hiram W. Beckwith and George W. Lawrence, 27 May 1854, CW, 2:218.

Monday, May 29, 1854.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln and Lamon defend John Armstrong, Reuben Bloomfield, and others charged with riot. State's attorney dismisses charges against all except these two, whereupon jury finds them guilty. Court fines them each $5 and costs. Record.

Lincoln writes and files notice and pleas (signed Allen, Lincoln & Lamon) in McFarland v. Layton, debt. Files.

Tuesday, May 30, 1854.+-

Danville, IL.

With eight of his cases called, Lincoln has busy day. Three come before juries, but in two cases no agreement is reached. In third, verdict is in favor of Lincoln's client. Fourth case is settled by agreement, defendant, whom Lincoln and Lamon represent, consenting to judgment of $423.22. Of remainder, two are tried before court, and two are continued. Record.

[In Washington, President Pierce signs Kansas-Nebraska bill.]

Wednesday, May 31, 1854.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln has five cases. One is complicated chancery suit—Wilson et al. v. Kingsbury et al.—which has been pending for nearly three years. Murphy and Lincoln for complainants obtain court order terminating case. In two cases Lincoln and Lamon obtain judgments for $372 and $261.90 respectively. Fourth case is dismissed, fifth continued. Record.

Lincoln writes petition of E. R. Knight in Mattoon v. Knight. Files.