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Wednesday, September 11, 1833.+-

New Salem, IL.

[Thomas S. Edwards fails to appear before the Sangamon County Circuit Court in two criminal cases, People v. Edwards and Edwards and People v. Edwards et al., and "Abraham Lincoln, William Green and Jesse Baker the bail of said defendant was also three times called to produce the body, and neither of them answering . . . their recognizance be forfeited and sci. fa. to next term."Record.]

Friday, September 13, 1833.+-

Springfield, IL.

Nelson Alley and Lincoln default and the clerk assesses damages of $107.31 in Henry for use of McCandless & Emmerson v. Alley & Lincoln.Record.

[Alley and Lincoln paid the judgment in six installments, and they made the last payment on January 28, 1834. The clerk added $11.75 in court costs to the judgment.]

Monday, September 16, 1833.+-

Springfield, IL.

By consent of parties, the case Trent & Trent v. Rutledge et al. in the Sangamon County Circuit Court is dismissed with each party paying half of costs. David Rutledge, William Green, Jr., and Lincoln are defendants in the case.Record.

Saturday, September 21, 1833.+-

New Salem, IL.

Lincoln, with two others, signs note for $50 to Nelson Alley, who assigns it to Bell & Tinsley on $453.84 note he owes.Photocopy.

Saturday, September 28, 1833.+-

New Salem, IL.

Lincoln writes letter for James Eastep to Edward Mitchell asking that July 26, 1833 deed be not recorded, as he has resold land to Jesse Baker.Letter Written for James Eastep to Edward Mitchell, 28 September 1833, CW, 1:19.