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Wednesday, September 7, 1864.+-

Washington, DC.

At 2:00 p.m., a group of "the loyal colored men of Baltimore, [Maryland]" meet in Lincoln's office, where they present "him with a . . . bible . . . as a token of respect and gratitude." A newspaper reports, "The book is . . . bound in royal purple velvet, inclosed in a black walnut case, 16 by 14 inches. On one side," an etching portrays "the President in the act of striking the shackles from the slaves." Lincoln remarks, "I can only say now . . . it has always been a sentiment with me that all mankind should be free." Daily National Republican (Washington, DC), 7 September 1864, 2d ed., 2:4; Evening Star (Washington, DC), 7 September 1864, 2:4; Sun (Baltimore, MD), 8 September 1864, 1:5; New York Daily Tribune, 8 September 1864, 1:5; Reply to Loyal Colored People of Baltimore upon Presentation of a Bible, 7 September 1864, CW, 7:542-43.