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Tuesday, March 1, 1864.+-

Washington, DC.

Lincoln writes to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton and intercedes on behalf of a "poor widow, by the name of Baird." Lincoln explains, "[She] has a son in the Army, that . . . has been sentenced to serve a long time without pay, or . . . with very little pay. I do not like this punishment of withholding pay—it falls so very hard upon poor families. After he has been serving in this way for several months, at the tearful appeal of the poor Mother, I made a direction that he be allowed to enlist for a new term . . . She now comes, and says she can not get it acted upon. Please do it." Lincoln to Stanton, 1 March 1864, Edwin M. Stanton Papers, Library of Congress, Washington DC; Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, 1 March 1864, CW, 7:217.

Sends to Senate nomination of General Ulysses S. Grant to be lieutenant general. Evening Star (Washington, DC), 2 March 1864, 2d ed., Extra, 2:1.

Cabinet meets. Welles, Diary.

"This evening the President and Mrs. Lincoln will entertain at the Executive Mansion the members of Congress and their families . . . no cards of invitation have been issued to any other person." Daily National Republican (Washington, DC), 1 March 1864, 2d ed., 2:1, 2 March 1864, 2d ed., 2:4.

On letter of this date from Sec. Chase, introducing "Mr. Metcalf" who wishes to paint Lincoln's portrait, he writes, "Nix." Chase to Lincoln, 1 March 1864, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.