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Thursday, January 7, 1864.+-

Washington, DC.

President sends congratulations to Christian IX on accession to throne of Denmark. Abraham Lincoln to Christian IX, 7 January 1864, CW, 7:111.

Orders death sentence of Henry Andrews commuted to imprisonment, "because I am trying to evade the butchering business lately." Endorsement Concerning Henry Andrews, [7 January 1864], CW, 7:111-12.

Transmits to Senate several treaties with bands of "Shoshonee Nation of Indians." Abraham Lincoln to the Senate, [7] January 1864, CW, 7:112-13.

Transmits to Congress copy of court decree and requests appropriation of $17,150 to compensate for illegal capture of British schooner "Glen." Abraham Lincoln to the Senate and House of Representatives, 7 January 1864, CW, 7:113.

Telegraphs Mrs. Lincoln in Philadelphia: "We are all well, and have not been otherwise." Abraham Lincoln to Mary Todd Lincoln, 7 January 1864, CW, 7:112.

Interviews O. H. Browning at night relative to claim of Illinois for 2 per cent fund associated with sale of public lands. Browning, Diary.

Acknowledges receipt of plan proposed by C. J. Wright of Cincinnati and Charles K. Hawkes of New York for getting cotton from within rebel lines and asks three questions: 1. If Rebel should come into Union lines with cotton and offer to take oath of December 8, 1863, "what do you understand would be done with him and his cotton?" 2. "How will the physical difficulty, and danger, of getting cotton from within the rebel lines be lessened by your plan?" 3. "Where do you propose putting the cotton &c. into market? how assure the government of your good faith in the business? and how be compensated for your services?" Abraham Lincoln to Crafts J. Wright and Charles K. Hawkes, 7 January 1864, CW, 7:114-16.