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Tuesday, May 18, 1852.+-

Paris, IL.

In the Edgar County Circuit Court, Lincoln represents several defendants in the breach of contract case, Archer v. Bartlett et al. Archer's attorney files a compromise agreement among the litigants and requests a dismissal, which Judge David Davis approves. Lincoln, Charles Emerson, James Steele, and Milton M. Dill represent defendant Robert Clark in the case of People v. Clark. Clark, indicted for loaning public money, pleads not guilty. The court tries Clark, and a jury finds him not guilty. Lincoln and Kirby Benedict request continuances in both Paddock v. Snyder and Wolfe v. Snyder. Judge Davis approves the requests and sets both cases for hearing during the fall term of court. In the case of Rightmire v. Curtis, Lincoln informs the court that his client, defendant Joseph Curtis, has died since the previous court term, and Judge Davis abates the suit. Lincoln signs his name on the judge's docket, making an appearance for the plaintiffs in the case of Dubois et al. v. Wise; Judge Davis continues the case until the fall term of the court. Lincoln files a plea on behalf of his clients George K. Larkin and Daniel G. Burr in the case of Jaquith v. Larkin and Burr, a dispute over the sale of a drugstore. Order to Dismiss, filed 18 May 1852, Archer v. Bartlett et al., case file, box 18; Judgment, 18 May 1852, Archer v. Bartlett et al., Order Book 3, 293; Judgment, 18 May 1852, People v. Clark, Order Book 3, 294; Order, 18 May 1852, Paddock v. Snyder, Order Book 3, 296; Order, 18 May 1852, Wolfe v. Snyder, Order Book 3, 296; Order, 18 May 1852, Rightmire v. Curtis, Order Book 3, 297; Judge's Docket Entry, May 1852 term, Dubois et al. v. Wise; Order, 18 May 1852, Dubois et al. v. Wise, Order Book 3, 297, all in Edgar County Circuit Court, Edgar County Courthouse, Paris, IL. Plea, filed 18 May 1852, Jaquith v. Larkin and Burr; Affidavit of George K. Larkin, 19 May 1852, Jaquith v. Larkin and Burr, both in Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.