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Friday, March 17, 1843.+-

Springfield, IL.

Register reports: "Our ears are stunned here, just now, by the din of the Whigs, concerning Lincoln and Baker, as to which shall go to Congress from this district. . . .

"The Junto are organized here—they have their secret agents ready to visit the several counties. . . . They will choke down the throats of the Whigs of Tazewell, Morgan, Scott, . . . whatever candidate they please. . . .

"Next Monday . . . the Whigs of Sangamon are to make choice between Lincoln and Baker. Whichever candidate is defeated, is to withdraw. . . . This is done in order to give Sangamon the candidate. . . . Lincoln, Baker, and Logan, have all to be satisfied in turn, before any other county can get even a slice. Poor Stuart! he is tetotally forgotten."