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Wednesday, June 15, 1842.+-

Petersburg, IL.

In the Menard County Circuit Court, Lincoln, as attorney for appellants George U. Miles and James P. McCoy, files his clients' affidavit and an account of the goods purchased by appellee David B. Miles in the appeal case of Miles & McCoy v. Miles. Judge Samuel H. Treat rules in favor of Miles & McCoy and orders David B. Miles to pay them $26.27 and the court costs. Lincoln represents John Eaton in Taylor v. Eaton. Elijah Taylor's attorneys Thomas L. Harris and George O. Bachman ask the court to continue the case, and the court grants their request. In the replevin case of Purkapile v. Hornbuckle, a jury hears the testimony and the arguments of the parties and decides in favor of Hornbuckle. The court orders Lincoln's client John Purkapile to pay the court costs and orders the sheriff to return the property in question to Hornbuckle. Lincoln, representing W. W. Bennett and John Bennett, files a demurrer in Pillsbury v. Bennett & Bennett and requests a continuance. The court grants Lincoln's request. Affidavit, filed 15 June 1842, Miles & McCoy v. Miles, Robert Todd Lincoln Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Account, 15 June 1842, Miles & McCoy v. Miles, case file, box 7; Judgment Docket Entry, 16 September 1844, Miles & McCoy v. Miles, Judgment Docket 1; Order, 15 June 1842, Taylor v. Eaton, General Record A, 127; Judgment, 15 June 1842, Purkapile v. Hornbuckle, Docket Book 1, 125; Order, 15 June 1842, Pillsbury v. Bennett & Bennett, Docket Book 1, 127, all in Menard County Circuit Court, Menard County Courthouse, Petersburg, IL.