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Wednesday, September 8, 1841.+-

En route.

"Nothing of interest happened during the passage," wrote Lincoln, "except the vexatious delays occasioned by the sand bars be thought interesting." He did, however, find interest in a dozen Negroes chained together "like so many fish upon a trot-line." On August 24, 1855 he wrote Joshua F. Speed: "That sight was a continual torment to me; and I see something like it every time I touch the Ohio."Abraham Lincoln to Mary Speed, 27 September 1841, CW, 1:259-61; Abraham Lincoln to Joshua F. Speed, 24 August 1855, CW, 2:320-23.

Wednesday, September 8, 1841.+-

Bloomington, IL.

[McLean County Circuit Court opened yesterday, and remains in session all week.]****Should there be 2 September 8th days?