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Saturday, June 19, 1841.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes to Joshua F. Speed, of Louisville, Kentucky, about a Sangamon County Justice of the Peace case. Lincoln represents brothers Archibald and William Trailor, who stand accused of Archibald Fisher's murder. Dr. Gilmore claimed that Fisher was still alive, and the court released the Trailors. Lincoln writes, "Thus stands this curious affair now. When the doctor's story was first made public, it was amusing to scan and contemplate the countenances, and hear the remarks of those who had been actively engaged in the search for the dead body. Some looked quizical, some melancholly, and some furiously angry." Lincoln adds that one observer "said it was too damned bad, to have so much trouble, and no hanging after all." Abraham Lincoln to Joshua F. Speed, 19 June 1841, CW, 1:254-58.