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Tuesday, January 15, 1833.+-

New Salem, IL.

Lincoln draws up and attests mortgage given by William Green, Jr. to Reuben Radford. Green deeds west half of Lot 5, north of Main Street in New Salem to Radford to secure payment of two notes, each for $188.50. Green purchases Radford's store for $400 and pays $23 cash and delivers notes.Mortgage Drawn for William Green, Jr. to Reuben Radford, 15 January 1833, CW, 1:15-16; Record F, 471.

Berry & Lincoln on same day purchase store from Green for $750. They pay $265 cash, and assume payment of two notes of $188.50 each, given by Green to Radford. Berry gives Green horse, saddle, and bridle for remainder.Thomas, Lincoln's New Salem, 70.